We offer a variety of fresh and frozen products. All products are widely recognised for their magnificent high quality and the exquisite home made taste and appearance.  Additionally we offer customised products.

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Long, short, thin or thick we create what you desire. Fresh pasta is the most popular form of food in Italy if not worldwide. At Just Pasta Australia we can produce any flavour you require. 


Fresh frozen products are manufactured fresh at Just Pasta Australia, then blast frozen. We have a large range of fresh frozen products with a variety of fillings, colours, shapes and sizes. 


At Just Pasta Australia we offer ready to eat meals, making it easy for the consumer to eat a delicious meal. 


Our sauces are a great way to add extra flavour onto our delicious range of pasta. Our famous sauces are available fresh or frozen. 


We offer a recipe development service. Any type of pasta or flavour you desire can be created.


At Just Pasta Australia we ensure that all our packaging is not only convenient to all our customers needs as well as being appealing. We understand that time is a precious value, and we believe our packaging has been created for your accessibility.